Inside the Office

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Inside the Office
08/06/14 06:10:pm
Dynamis Homœopathic

Safe, natural care to improve your whole family's health.

If you are scheduling an initial appointment online, expect to receive a phone call from the homeopath within a day or two. Hart will confirm the time you have chosen, answer any questions you may have and ask for additional information if necessary.

Regardless of whether you schedule online or by phone, you will next receive an email containing a lot of forms. Don't worry! There is only one long form you have to fill out. The others are consent forms, a client information form and a bunch of information for you, like our rates, office policies and directions to the office. (You can find all of these on our Clients page.)

The long form is our "initial questionnaire." We email you a text version of this questionnaire, so you may fill it out on your computer, print it out and bring it with you to the appointment, or even fill it out on the Clients page of this website.

In the questionnaire, you will notice questions that may have little to do with the reason for your visit. Because Homeopathy is an holistic approach to health, seemingly peripheral issues like the quality of your sleep or foods you crave, may give us valuable clues for choosing the right remedy. Thinking about such questions ahead of time will also prepare you for some of the things we'll be discussing during your appointment.

On the day of your appointment, you may park behind the office. There is a gravel parking lot, and the entrance to the office is there in the back of the building. If you are a few minutes early, don't worry, we have a small waiting room.

Usually, an acute appointment will last no longer than 30-40 minutes, and your remedy will be included in the cost of your appointment. Appointments for long-standing or complicated health problems last 1-2 hours, and the homeopath will often take a day to consider your case before coming up with a remedy. (For those who have long-standing but very simple complaints, we have an intake special that lasts less than an hour.)

Once you have a homeopathic remedy, we might ask you to fill out our online Client Report after 2-3 weeks to make sure that you're getting some kind of response to the remedy. As long as things are going well, we usually expect to have you back for your first followup after 4-6 weeks, depending on the nature of your health problems. If you are not responding well by that time, chances are we will search for a different remedy.

Followup appointments are scheduled for an hour, though they rarely take that long. As soon as you begin responding well to a remedy, we can lengthen the intervals between followup appointments.

We look forward to meeting you!