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Our Rates

(Families with more than one person in long-term care receive a $10 discount on every followup appointment.)

  • Acute Appointment (clients) - $49
  • Acute Appointment (non-clients) - $89
  • Full Adult Intake - $375
  • Full Child Intake (under 12) - $325
  • After-Hours Consultation Fee - $39
  • Home Visit Fee - $59
  • Homeopathic Remedy - Always Free!

If you have questions about which appointment to book, see the video to the right or give the office a call!

Save money by signing up for student clinical trainings:

Starting in 2017, Hart will be conducting student clinical trainings online and at his office in Durham. These will occur on Saturdays and will provide opportunities for ...

  • ... students to earn clinical hours for certification with the CHC ...
  • ... and clients to save 75% of the cost of a full intake appointment or 50% of the cost of a followup appointment.

If you wish to be notified when the next clinical training will occur, please press the link below to sign up.

Dynamis Homœopathic, LLC

919 Broad Street
Suite 1 (South side)
Durham, NC 27705


M-F: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., by appointment
Sat: By appointment only
Sun: Closed

Scheduling an Acute Appointment


We believe that vibrant personal health can be achieved safely, gently and permanently through homeopathy. True health brings a sense of purpose, greater ease in the world, and the chance to fulfill one's potential.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most effective health care and the most robust health using safe, environmentally friendly and nontoxic doses of natural substances.

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